Gigabyte's motherboards, gaming laptops, gadgets and mods at Computex 2017

Here's everything they were showing

  • Gigabyte had a large presence at Computex (as always). One of its centrepiece displays was a VR game in a vigorous gaming chair which had you feeling like you were flying through space.

  • The PX57 Gaming laptop.

  • Gigabyte's Aorus-branded laptops had some nice detailing.

  • A Gigabyte Brix "IoT" PC - the GB-EKi3M-7100.

  • Playing with the tiny Brix Gaming VR PC.

  • Brix Gaming VR PC specs.

  • An Ultra-compact Brix PC kit - GB-BSi5HAC-6300.

  • Gigabyte's GA-Z270X-Gaming 9 motherboard won a Best Choice Gold award at Computex.

  • Gigabyte's GA-Z270X-Gaming 9 motherboard up close with specs.

  • Gaming laptops were a major theme of Computex 2017 and Gigabyte had a bunch - both using its own brand and Aorus sub-brand.

  • Aorus AC300W Gaming case.

  • Aorus AC300W Gaming case from the front.

  • Gigabyte's Immersion Cooling demo (for data centre servers) always turns the head at Computex. It partnered with Allied Control engineering and 3M (using its Novec Engineered Fluid). Cooling hardware is eliminated creating large savings.

  • SabrePro 15 gaming laptop with GTX 1060 graphics and NVMe drive at a budget price. There's no 17-inch Pro version.

  • Aorus X5 MD gaming laptop with Nvidia GTX 1080, Thunderbolt 3NVMe drive. It's 23mm in width and weighs 2.5KG.

  • Aorus X7 DT has similar internal specs to the X5

  • Aorus X9 17-inch concept laptop. It has 2x GTX 1070s in SLI and a special mechanical keyboard.

  • Gigabyte's forthcoming gaming chair is, unsurprisingly, rebadged.

  • The Aorus K9 Optical keyboard is RGB and splash proof.

  • Aorus E1 Gaming Earbuds! (with stand, of course).

  • Portable Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box with carry case.

  • Aorus K7 Gaming Keyboard.

  • Sabre 17 gaming laptop.

  • The orange and green versions of the Aero 15 corporate gaming notebooks.

  • Gigabyte perched itself near the top of Taipei 101 for its showcase.

  • The GA-270X-Designare - the newer version of our test rig (with a few fewer features).

  • The 270X-Designare specs

  • Gigabyte's Killer technology revolves around precise LAN management (wired and wireless)

  • The card at the bottom has three LAN connectors plus WiFi antennae.

  • Killer Control Center.

  • Different apps can be throttled/prioritised as required.

  • Gigabyte's GC-PCIe M.2 card.

  • Four Intel NVMe drives running in RAID on an X299 system.

  • Performance results are, unsurprisingly, enormous.

  • Intel's controversial key - you have to buy it separately to unlock elaborate NVMe RAID profiles. It will only work with Intel drives too.

  • A new Aorus gaming headset.

  • Aorus gaming keyboard.

  • The award winning GA-270X-Gaming 9.

  • The X299 version of the Aorus Gaming 9

  • A well-labelled I/O backplane

  • This is a new USB-C case connector.

  • Gigabyte's motherboards have connectors for elaborate strip lights.

  • One of the best custom PC mods that we saw in at Computex 2017.

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