Antec computer cases and power supplies at Computex 2017

Also a keyboard

  • Antec had a small display in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Taipei at Computex 2017. The company didn’t have too much to show off but what there was will interest some PC builders.

    On show was the case made in association with Razer, but this had been out already for some time. Also on show was the P8 and P110 case and new Power Supplies – Bronze and Gold series.

    It was a slight contrast to the heavy modding on show at Antec’s Computex display last year.

  • A remote to help tune LED case light colours.

  • Padding on the inside of the case to help keep things quiet.

  • An HDMI port at the front of the top of the case is VR friendly. Also shown are removable panels.

  • Antec's experimental Project X keyboard. No news on when or if it will make hit the market.

  • The case made in partnership with Razer has been launched for some time.

  • Antec P110 Silent case.

  • The new Antec P110 Silent case will cost US$119 and appear in July.

  • The Antec P8 case will cost US$79 and appear in July.

  • Antec HCG Gold PSU.

  • Specs of the new Antec HCG Pro Gold PSU.

  • Antec HCG Bronze PSU - there is no Silver. Yet.

  • Flashy cases are all the rage.

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