OPPO A57: unboxing, hands on review and detail shots

Is this the best cheap Android smartphone you can buy?

  • The Oppo A57 Boxed

  • ... and unboxed. Even though it's cheap, note that a free case is included.

  • Peel pr0n on the back.

  • It might be Henry Ford black but it looks pretty sweet.

  • A mini USB port is included. There's also a headphone jack which is more than some much-more-expensive models!

  • Just a power button on the right.

  • The front camera is 16-megapixels while the rear is 13-megapixels (this usually happens when the main camera is better in low-light).

  • It's a bit thicker than the higher-end Oppo R9s. The battery is slightly smaller too.

  • Adding some colour. Oppo's fingerprint readers are the fastest on the market.

  • The free case adds some protection and makes it easier to grip without becoming too bulky. If you look closely, the protective packing film on the front can be left on for additional protection.

  • One of the first screens we saw. There's an Octa-core processor inside plus 3GB/32GB RAM. That's some serious punch in such a cheap phone.

  • The bagged-up view from behind. At $328 it's clearly a lot of phone. We're interested to see if there are any serious weak points.

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