Samsung Galaxy A5 2017: unboxing, hands on review and detail shots

Costing much less than most Android flasghip smartphones, is the new A5 worth buying?

  • The Samsung Galaxy A5 is Samsung's mid-range offering. It's not quite as good as the S-series but it shares some features. Here's the box.

  • It's a monolithic black sowe've added some colour. There's no silly, bezel-less design here. The screen (and rear) is Gorilla Glass version 4. We recommend using a case in case it's dropped and shatters.

  • There's a single camera on the new A5. While it's not as amazing as the S7 in low-light, it's really quite good.

  • The Samsung A5 unboxed. It's good to see Samsung include USB adapters for the USB-C plug as some people won't have many spare cables yet.

  • The (small) fingerprint reader has been giving us major issues. Check back for the full review to see why.

  • USB-C AND a headphone jack. It should be weird to celebrate that. And yet we have to nowadays.

  • The A5 is dustproof and waterproof. We've already used it in a sauna and shower. This feature can be particularly useful - especially with all the rain we get.

  • At just under $550 the A5 is very much mid-range. But it's still not cheap. We'll be examining which you should buy for this money.

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