Behind the scenes with Team Walkinshaw at V8 Supercars Melbourne 2017

Hanging with James Courtney, Scott Pye, Ryan Walkinshaw, Adrian Burgess and Boost Mobile

  • Ever wanted to see what happens in the garage? What the team eats and drinks? What they look like when they're chilling between races? Good Gear Guide goes the hard yards to find out. We travelled to Melbourne's Albert Park and spent the morning with V8 Supercar team, Walkinshaw thanks to help from principal sponsor, Boost Mobile - the mobile phone network which is a Telstra 4G reseller.

    The Walkinshaw team truck is a popular fan pull on its own.

  • The team talks to major sponsors, Boost Mobile - a rare reseller of Telstra's 4G network... Does this make Telstra cool (and better value)?

  • When it was announced that Walkinshaw's sponsors would be HSV and Mobil 1, team memberships doubled instantly. We suspect that the cool colour scheme also helped.

  • When the driver is your co-pilot.

  • For some reason V8 Super Cars don't install rear seats. This is all there is. No effort spared.

  • Walkinshaw Command Consoles

  • The team's snack rider. We're killing the caviar myth once and for all.

  • The kiddy tunnel mincer of death or a thing that keeps the underside of the car cool. Don't get the two confused.

  • The rear right of the garage. Fans can get about this far without being questioned. After that, if they ask nicely they'll probably get invited in and given a personal tour with the very friendly drivers. This ain't F1.

  • A picture of a picture of Walkinshaw team manager, Adrian Burgess plus driver James Courtney and Boost Mobile chief, Peter Adderton. We'll let you guess who's who.

  • James Courtney's car

  • Barrels of fun/fuel.

  • Lots of boot space but no spare wheel.

  • Under the hood/bonnet.

  • Two very patient drivers pose for picture with all-comers.

  • The crew watches the Australian GT races while waiting for the race to get going.

  • Command consoles in the pits.

  • Boost Mobile is the major Walkinshaw sponsor but came on board late - it's why it's not featured on the team's kit. Still, the matte paint backing the bright-coloured graphics makes the combo one of the best paint jobs on the circuit.

  • More command consoles in the Walkinshaw pits.

  • V8 Supercars have the same components but they get put together differently. Here's Walkinshaw's wheel assembly.

  • The backside of the car

  • As I write this the clock is on 20mins to go and yet few people seem to fussed about getting the cars ready. All good.

  • V* Engine pr0n

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