Subaru XV 2.0i-S 2017 hands on review in pictures

A pretty car in pretty places

  • The Subaru XV is one of the prettiest Subaru's we've ever seen. But has all the effort of the exterior design taken away from what lies beneath? Because that's where Subaru's usually shine. Check out our full Subaru XV review, here.

  • Posing in front of Sydney's landmarks

  • The XV from the front. Not bad.

  • Looking the part at Bondi Beach.

  • A sunroof. But the roof itself isn't high enough and gave us severe neck ache.

  • The weird, boxy, geometric shapes of other Subarus are missing from the rear.

  • We tried hard not to hold up a bus that was waiting.

  • The Alloy wheels split the field. Some thought they looked great.Others said they were hideous - bit harsh in our book.

  • The handbrake and gear stick. At least the break wasn't an awful plastic switch.

  • A typical Subaru steering wheel... sans performance extras.

  • The speedos are pretty basic and a long way from Subaru's performance vehicles.

  • The interior gadgets look good and function well. The GPS was good.

  • It's supposed to be economical at 7 litres per 100km but we got more like 10. That's because we were constantly stamping on the gas trying to get some performance out of it.

  • We felt the interior looked very smart.

  • The boot is the main casualty compared to a Forester.

  • But you can put the seats down and make more room.

  • The standard reversing camera is useful.

  • Another console view.

  • On the waterfront

  • The full driver's eye interior.

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