The 7 best new naughty games of 2017

Board games and card games are making a comeback

  • Board games and social card games are exploding in popularity, not least because of the universality of toilet humour, alcohol and profanity. We snuck into one of Australia's largest toy and game expo's and discovered, not just brand new brilliantly rude and naughty board games but some that are a few months away from being released!

    1. Poopyhead

    We can't believe they invented it but they did. If you've ever wanted to combine going to the toilet with a family game, now you can!
  • 1. Poopyhead cont.

    The rules to Poopyhead. They're probably more straightforward than you think!
  • 2. Woofy Whoops

    Yes, this is happening. In the great tradition of Buckaroo! and I Vant to Bite your finger! Woofy Whoops elimitnates players by having a dog squirt in their faces.
  • 2. Woofy Whoops cont.

    Ooh that cheeky doggo.
  • 2. Woofy Whoops cont.

    A victim's view before they get an eweee eyeful.
  • 3. Watch Your Mouth

    This foul-mouthed game just won Game of the Year and it's not as foul as you think. Place the plastic mouth expanders in your mouth and read out the tongue twisters and see who can guess what's being said. Simple and clever. And child friendly. Unlike...
  • 4. Dirty Neighbours

    An adult card game for parties that requires mercifully minimal effort. Each card carries a saucy statement about a person next to you. Just fill in the blanks and read them out. Want an example...
  • 4. Dirty Neighbours cont.

    Read at your own peril.
  • 5. F*ck the game

    Your brain will hate you but other peoples' brains will hate you more. This is one that's only going to get worse as a night progresses. Just have a look at the questions...
  • 5. F*ck the game cont.

    Wait... wut?
  • 6. Suddenly Drunk

    Are you fed up of boring old Community Chest cards and other dull announcements in your regular games. Sprinkle a few of these around...
  • 6. Suddenly Drunk cont.

    Makes Monopoly a bit more mental.
  • 6. Disturbed Friends

    The tag line of this card game is... "This game should be banned." That's got to be good hasn't it?...
  • 6. Disturbed Friends cont.

    We'll pass judgement for now but these will doubtless be someone's cup of tea.
  • Thanks to The Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair for letting us in!

  • Bonus Star Wars exhibit.

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