HTC U Ultra: unboxing, hands on review and detail shots

Is this the best looking Android smartphone of all time?

  • We've seen some great phones in recent months, including the Huawei Mate 9 and Google Pixel XL but not one that we could call perfect. We're not going to suggest that this might be what we've been missing - it doesn't have a headphone jack. We're blaming Apple for that one.

    But just look at it. We've felt for many years that HTC has produced many of the best-built phones and now here we have a (Sapphire) Blue metallic finish that oozes class in much the same way as the Jet Black iPhone 7.

    There's also a second screen above the main one - for extended notifications and shortcuts. We've seen that fail on Samsung Galaxy phones before now, but will it be useful?

    We'll publish our full, in-depth review in the next few days, but here are some cool pics and our first impressions...

  • The box with its rainbow metallic lettering is pretty sweet.

  • You get a free protective case - clear so you can still see the great chassis. HTC also includes some of the best ear-buds on the market to go with its high resolution audio features.

  • Gorgeous. But will the protruding camera be a problem?

  • It's not quite as shiny with the case on but it's not bad. The case is *slightly* less of a fingerprint magnet.

  • The front, when off, is as black as a Spinal Tap album cover.

  • The second screen resides above the main screen. It can show weather, notifications and contacts and is activated when you lift up the phone.

  • It's so purdy. But don't touch it without gloves or it will get marked.

  • Another good thing about the chassis is that it is easy to hold unlike the similarly-shiny Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was very slippery.

  • A USB-C connector at the base and... no earbud jack. Grrr. At least HTC supplies a decent pair of high-quality earbuds with a USB-C connector.

  • Nothing on the left.

  • On the right we have a power button and volume rocker. We find having the power button in the middle can interfere with our grip sometimes. We'll see how we fair with this.

  • We injected some more colour into the front. We had to remove them when we were charging the phone, though - it was getting very warm!

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