​Kogan laptop hands on review and slideshow: Atlas UltraSlim Pro

Is this the best ultraportable laptop you can buy?

  • We’ve seen a few Aussie ultraportable lappies lately but this is the cheapest. Is it the best?

    Kogan is an Australian manufacturer-cum-online store that’s all about making cheap and cheerful products. Just recently we were impressed with its curved 4K UHD 55-inch LED LCD TV which offered very good performance for almost half the price of rivals.

    We also recently looked at the Venom Blackbook Zero 14 ultraportable laptop which boasts high quality components and a top build quality. It does the same thing for twice the price.

    Now here’s the UltraSlim Pro which costs just $799 – that’s some three grand less than some rivals! Yet it sports a 13.3” 4K-resolution screen, a 2.2GHz Intel Skylake processor, 256GB storage and weighs only 1.35g.

    We’ll be doing a full, in-depth review soon. But in the meantime, here are our first impressions.

  • No badge on the front makes it look very bare. In a good way. There's room for decoration here. And we suspect that even Kogan realises that it's brand doesn't quite carry the "look what I'm using" cachet that some rivals have.

  • Unboxing. You don't get much: a small charger and a a padded envelope that's unsuitable for transport. But why waste money on a low-grade carry case?

  • The trackpad is responsive and simple to click. It's not too hard like some competitors.

  • On the right we have a Micro HDMI port, USB 2 port and a headphone jack that happens to fit in the power cable unfortunately.

  • Credit: IDG

    On the left we have USB 3 and USB-C plus the power port.

  • We're calling this minimalist chic.

  • An optical illusion to mess with your brain a bit.

  • What lies beneath? Not much is replaceable but you can change the SSD.

  • As a slim package, it will suit most people without breaking the bank. It might not be the sturdiest laptop, or carved from aircraft-grade aluminium, but we had to check a few times to be certain of that.

  • The keyboard is actually very comfortable to type on - the Scrabble tile keys aren't too heavy - they're weighted just right and will be ideal for typists.

  • Just highlighting the lack of colour.

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