19 Best Cosplay Ideas for Halloween

What are the best Halloween costume ideas from Cosplay?

19 Best Cosplay Ideas for Halloween next


19 Top cosplay costumes to use for Halloween ideas

Halloween is, by far, the best holiday of the whole year. Who needs presents under a tree or a giant turkey when you can spend the day dressed up as your favorite fictional character instead?
Of course, you don’t have to wait until Halloween to rock some cosplay, but it is the fastest approaching excuse to do so, so we highly recommend it!
However, a word of warning: if you’re the type of person who starts planning for their costume on October 30: we see you, we love you, a lot of times we are you, but a lot of these costumes are not for us. These are incredible works of art that took hours and hours of planning and constructing to pull off, and of course they look amazing. The plain white t-shirt with “404: Costume Not Found” written on it in Sharpie is just not going to make this list.

So if you’re willing to put a ton of effort into your cosplay, feel free to get some inspiration from these awesome warriors, superheroes, villains, and even trolls. If not, then peruse, admire, and drool a little as we show you the best cosplay costumes around. Read on to see our picks!

Ivy and Harley

Two of our favorite mischief-makers make a great pair in this photo! Poison Ivy has gone all out with the foliage and the body paint, and Harley Quinn has really committed to that sexy-but-I-will-kill-you vibe. As far as we know, the camera-man did make it out of the encounter alive – barely. (Source: Business Insider.)

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