In Pictures: 25 geeky Mother's Day gifts

Especially for mom: 25 gifts inspired by tech, science and math.

  • Mother's Day gifts with a techie vibe Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift for your mom? Need to help your kids choose a gift? Check out these 25 science- and tech-inspired gift ideas.

  • Dandelight Nature and technology come together in the Dandelight, a light-emitting flower that’s made from a real dandelion ($140 via MoMA Store). Plucked seeds are attached to an LED, which connects to a battery via a slender copper stem. The designer is Studio Drift.

  • Beaker mug Raise a glass to science. Eisco Labs’ coffee mug is made from thick borosilicate glass to look like a laboratory beaker ($21.88 for a 500 mL mug via Amazon).

  • Horsehead nebula scarf Photos of the Horsehead nebula have been translated into wearable art in Slow Factory’s Horsehead Nebula scarf (on sale for $100). Slow Factory creates silk scarves by merging high-res digital prints of scientific images from NASA with traditional textile finishing in Como, Italy.

  • Credit: Dreamstime

    Cloud key holder Want to introduce mom to cloud storage? Start with this quirky magnetic key holder ($30 via Colossal Shop). Hidden neodymium magnets suspend your keys (or another metal object) from the bottom of the cloud. The creator is Duncan Shotton, a British designer based in Tokyo.

  • Pi artwork Artist Martin Krzywinski translates the digits of Pi into works of art. In the print above, he’s encoded 111,469 digits of Pi in an eight-level treemap (prints start at $17).

  • Work lamp with wireless charging Less clutter, more charging. Ikea’s new Riggad work lamp ($79.99) has an integrated charging pad so mom can recharge with fewer unsightly cords. Riggad is compatible with all Qi-certified smartphones and devices.

  • DNA scarf Cyberoptix takes some liberties with its DNA designs, but that’s intentional and part of the “mutant charm” of the double helix pashmina scarf ($44), says the Etsy shop.

  • Solar system lollipops Ah, the sweetness of science. The 10-piece solar system lollipop set from Vintage Confections includes images of the sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ($25.50 via Colossal Shop).

  • Nuts and bolts necklace Celebrate all the little (and big) things that mom does with a quirky nuts and bolts necklace from Joan Hornig Jewelry. It’s made with a brass nut, bolt and screw pendants on adjustable waxed cotton ($125). What makes it even more special: 100% of the profit is donated to the charity of your choice.

  • Stained glass elements Enjoy the striking, pure geometry of handmade stained glass elements from Bespoke Glass, a studio in Brooklyn, NY. Multiple configurations are available. The set of 17 diamonds and triangles, pictured above, is $115 via Etsy.

  • Home pillow Show mom how important home is to you with a state pillow ($42) or t-shirt (starting at $28) from The Home T. The NYC start-up’s products are made in the U.S., and the company donates a minimum of 10% of profits to multiple sclerosis research.

  • Lunar earthrise photo See home from a different perspective with photos from Sky Image Lab. Above is an earth-rise photo taken onboard the Kaguya satellite on November 7, 2007. Prices start at $10 for an unframed print.

  • DIY gin Bring out the mixologist in mom with a gin-making kit from Williams-Sonoma ($54.95). With its blend of juniper berries, botanicals and spices, the kit transforms ordinary vodka into a home blend of gin in 36 hours.

  • Acrylic house Home is where the heart is. Etsy shop 2of2 creates miniature dwellings like the one above, an acrylic structure ($40) that can house something special or give shelter to a tiny plant.

  • Hexagon coasters Geometric and colorful, these neon coasters ($38 for a set of four) from Etsy shop ApocalypseFab are an easy way to amp up mom’s entertaining skills.

  • Diaethrea Sequence artwork The Diaethrea Sequence, created by Rafael Araujo, was drafted entirely by hand. It was originally created as a pen and ink drawing on canvas with acrylic paint. Archival prints ($95 via Colossal Shop) bring the mathematical artistry home to mom.

  • Scirocco necklace The Scirocco Necklace by Mario Trimarchi is inspired by the designer’s childhood memories of playing cards, scattered by gusts of wind in Sicily. The necklace ($167 via MoMA Store) is constructed from mirror-polished stainless steel.

  • Gallium Want to get mom something shiny and silver that’s not jewelry? Gallium is a metal with a melting point just over 85 degrees F, which means it can turn to liquid from the heat of mom’s hands. It’s entertaining and educational. ($57.39 for 100 grams from GalliumSource via Amazon)

  • DNA strand PJs Celebrate strong family genes with DNA strand PJs for mom ($48.50 via CafePress).

  • Biological bangles Nervoussystem has a whole range of 3D-printed jewelry inspired by cellular patterns that appear in nature. The Morph Bangle, above, is $450 for the polished brass version ($55 for the plastic version) via Shapeways.

  • Diatomaceous clock The face of the Diatomaceous Earth Clock from designer Yuichi Nara is molded by hand from diatomaceous earth, a naturally forming silica with a tactile texture ($70 via MoMA Store). Its dial is imprinted with "SiO2,” the chemical element of silica.

  • Graphical bookmarks Does the bibliophile in mom prefer paper books? Cut stainless-steel bookmarks ($9 via Colossal Shop) made by design shop Pink Tank portray bikes, hot air balloons, the Brooklyn Bridge, and more.

  • Antique celestial print Study the stars with an original antique print (not a digital reprint) from Etsy shop AntiquePrintGallery. Pictured is an 1887 print of the night sky for August and September ($55).

  • Pantone flower pot If mom’s a geek about color, Pantone-hued flower pots ($80.31 via Occa-Home) are a sharp way to add signature Pantone colors to your home.

  • Honeycomb vessel Small and mighty – the polyhedron vase from Etsy shop madebymanos ($55.98) is handmade from stoneware fine bone china with concave honeycomb facets. It stands just a few inches tall, but it’s strong enough to hold water.

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