Hands-on with the HP Sprout, an imaging powerhouse built into a touch-friendly PC

This PC-projector-camera combo's skills are a bit primitive, but it's easy to see a promising future in 3D printing and augmented reality

  • To make a 2D image, the HP Sprout's Illuminator takes high-res images that turn into a vivid composite with highlights and contours.

  • Scanned images appear on the Sprout's Touch Mat, where they can immediately be moved around or manipulated.

  • The Sprout is a high-end all-in-one PC with powerful, integrated imaging technology: a digital projector, several camera, and a touch-enabled work surface.

  • The HP Sprout's Touch Mat acts like a second touch display, beamed from the PC's overhead projector.

  • On the HP Sprout's Touch Mat, controls appear along the left and right sides, such as the ink and text tools shown here.

  • Drawing using the HP Sprout's included stylus feels pretty natural, certainly compared to using a mouse.

  • The Touch Mat on the Sprout by HP makes it easy to move and manipulate images using your hands or the stylus.

  • The 3D Capture tool was still in beta when we tried this shot. It could "see" part of the bird in 3D, but the rest was a hollowed-out shell.

  • One of the HP Sprout's handful of apps is DreamWorks' Story Producer, where you can create a short feature by choosing canned backdrops, characters and motivations from the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2.

  • The HP Sprout's 3D Capture technology uses Intel RealSense cameras to take multiple images of the object to build the final image.

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