Neil Young's Pono: A ghost in the music machine?

Detecting the supposed higher quality of sound in the new music player and companion music store can be a mind-twisting experience

  • The online Pono music store sells songs of CD quality or "better," based on digital sampling rates, as laid out here.

  • The Pono desktop app, for buying and transferring songs to the device, offers many albums and songs, with the digital sampling rates displayed.

  • Downloading an album from Pono to your computer can take upwards of an hour.

  • The Pono player is shaped like a prism and has both a headphone jack and a line out for connecting to speakers or a stereo.

  • The Pono player might be a bit bulky for some hands.

  • The Pono player, which plays high resolution music tracks, currently comes in black and yellow colors. It's shaped like a Toblerone chocolate bar.

  • The Pono player is a portable music device designed for playing high resolution songs.

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