In Pictures: Tech's top-paid CEOs

Fifteen tech leaders made more than $US14 million in 2013.

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Ginny Rometty CEO, president and chairman, IBM $14 million

Ginny Rometty gave up her annual bonus last year -- a concession that led to a 14% pay cut for IBM’s CEO. Rometty’s 2013 pay package, valued at $14 million, included a $1.5 million salary, stock awards valued at $11.7 million, and $761,808 in perks and other compensation. Rometty announced she was passing up her annual bonus at the same time the company reported its full-year results -- including a 5% decline in annual revenue to $99.8 billion. “While we made solid progress in businesses that are powering our future, in view of the company’s overall full year results, my senior team and I have recommended that we forgo our personal annual incentive payments for 2013,”

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