In Pictures: Samsung Galaxy S5 unboxing

We just got our hands on Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone. Here's what's in the box.

  • The box, in a Samsung-standard wood finish.

  • Lid opened.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S5. It feels super light when you pull it out of the box, but it hasn't got the battery inside. It's still a very lightweight device when the battery is put in.

  • The right side, featuring the power button. The opposite side contains the volume up and down buttons. Nothing new here.

  • The rear of the device, with instructions to ensure the back cover is properly sealed to avoid water and dust entry. We advise you follow these to ensure longevity.

  • As always, Samsung has included a small recycling bag in the box, strapped to the user manual.

  • The contents on the box. The cable is unfortunately not of the microUSB 3.0 variety.

  • The phone.

  • A close up of the camera.

  • The bottom half. As you can see, the micro USB 3.0 port is sealed.

  • The port.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S5's interior and back cover. The vendor has included the microSD slot above the micro SIM card slot.

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