In Pictures: 30 years of Apple’s Mac computer

Over the last three decades, the Mac has morphed and evolved into a dizzying array of form factors. While some models quickly came and went, others became iconic machines in their own right. So, in honor of the Mac's 30th birthday on 24 January, here is a look back at the more influential, significant, and notable Mac machines released over the last 30 years.

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iMac G5 Apple's iMac G5 was a thing of beauty and really showcased Apple's engineering prowess. Gone was the bulky design of the original iMac and the sizable base of the iMac G4. In its place was an all-white sleek computer within a display. This iMac is notable for steering Apple's desktop design into a completely new direction, and also for being the last model of iMac to ship with a PowerPc chip.

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