In Pictures: CES 2014 Fails

The gadgets and goings-on we'd rather forget

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IZON glasses-free 3D TV — Not there yet We saw a few tech demos of glasses-free 3D TV technology at CES, and both Ultra-D from Stream Networks and Vizio’s Dolby 3D implementation were impressive.

Unfortunately, IZON’s version looked all kinds of wrong. The edges of objects were weirdly visible, almost jagged. The LED edge-lit LCD had washed-out colors.

And while Vizio’s and Stream Networks’ versions were strictly 4K, the IZON sets are 1080p. Here’s hoping the company can iron out some of the kinks before the projected third-quarter release, because what we saw on the show floor actually made us miss those clunky 3D glasses. —Susie Ochs

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