The battle for your body is on at CES

Hundreds of products that clip, snap, strap and bolt onto your body have made their debut at the show

  • Intel's CEO shows a new line of wearable computers in his opening speech at CES Monday

  • Intel CEO Brian Krzanich shows Intel's new Edison SOC for wearables at CES

  • CEO Brian Krzanich shows an Intel-designed smartwatch at CES Monday

  • Intel has developed a wearable computing platform that can be embedded in a baby's onesie

  • Intel's Edison computer for wearable devices

  • Data collected from the smart baby onesie will be sent wirelessly to a smart bottle warmer that will start warming milk when the onesie senses the baby is awake and hungry. With Intel Edison, Rest Devices was able to reduce the size of the smart bottle warmer by more than half.

  • The smart baby onesie (Mimo) from Rest Devices monitors baby's vitals and analyses the data for parents so that they can rest easy. Based on Intel Edison, all the functionalities of the onesie were able to fit into a 'turtle' (sensors plus mini-PC of a size of a baby's hand) that is attached to the onesie, eliminating the need of an external receiver.

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