In Pictures: Google Chromebook Buyer's Guide

Chromebooks are Web-centric alternatives to laptops that, while not for everyone, are coming into their own. To help you decide if one is right for you, answers common Chromebooks questions and takes a look at the current lineup.

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HP Pavilion Chromebook Released in Feb. 2013, the Pavilion Chromebook was HP's first Chromebook. Though it's currently listed among the Chromebooks on Google's site, the Pavilion Chromebook is no longer for sale on HP's shopping site. Still, you can find it from etailers such as NewEgg ($260) and Amazon ($294).

But with newer models available, such as HP's Chromebook 14, the Pavilion Chromebook may not be worth seeking out. Engadget's reviewer notes that battery life is "disappointing" at 3.5 hours and that HP "made too many compromises when it decided to build its first Chromebook from a recycled PC chassis." The only "redeeming" qualities of this 14-inch Chromebook, says Engadget, are "its zippy performance, decent speakers and solid build quality."

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In Pictures: Google Chromebook Buyer's Guide

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