In Pictures: Top photo and video gift ideas for Holiday 2013

Check out these devices and gift ideas

  • If you enjoy taking photos or videos with something other than the one on your smartphone, check out these devices and gift ideas:

  • Ricoh Pentax Q7 Price: $500 (with the 02 Zoom lens) If you’re looking for a digital camera that goes beyond the normal point-and-shoot models but aren’t yet ready for the larger DSLR systems, check out this model, which features an interchangeable lens system, yet’s still very small and compact. The 12.4-megapixel camera comes with a bunch of very cool body color choices (and grip colors too). The choice of different lens options will get you into the prosumer world of photography without having to break the bank. Keep in mind that the cameras are custom-made, so they take 4-6 weeks to deliver - order soon for the holidays!

  • General Electric Imaging X2600 Price: $170 Buy this for: Novice-to-intermediate photography lovers who want to go beyond their smartphone camera. This 16-mexapixel camera with 26x zoom will make you feel like a better photographer, and the 3-inch LCD screen keeps you happy knowing that you’ve captured the right moment.

  • Sony Smartphone attachable lens-style camera Price: $250 If you’ve already invested a bunch of money into your smartphone and don’t want to buy a separate camera, check out this Sony attachment, which adds lens-style features to your existing device. It works with iPhones and Android phones, providing features like a 10x zoom, image stabilization and 18-megapixel photos and 30p videos. It connects to the phone without wires or cables, using NFC or Wi-Fi to help stream the images to the device and the cloud.

  • SoloShot Personal Robotic Cameraman Price: $300 (Amazon) Buy this for: The action-oriented video guy who can’t find a cameraman to help him. Using an armband receiver, the SoloShot system attaches to your camera and moves the image based on the armband’s location. Now you can film your sequences without having to find an extra human being to help out.

  • The Padcaster Price: $150 (direct) Buy this for: People who want to create videos with their iPads. This frame and stand/tripod system helps you mount different attachments to your iPad to create a more stable and professional manner for iPad video crews.

  • Autographer wearable intelligent camera Price: $400 Buy this for: The person looking to take photos and video of unexpected moments during their lives. Utilizing five sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature, color sensor and motion detector), as well as GPS, the Autographer helps users capture moments that they wouldn’t normally catch in the time it takes them to grab their phone or camera. System includes a clip and lanyard to hang around the neck or wearing on a pocket.

  • Sony Action Cam with GPS tracking Price: $300 This wearable and mountable full HD action camera includes Wi-Fi for quick uploads of videos to the cloud, or connect to a mobile phone/tablet for sharing. Waterproof housing that supports drops up to 197 feet, you can surf or swim with this camera and not have to worry about breaking it. Plus it works with biking, skateboarding or other “action sports” endeavours.

  • Diamond Multimedia GC1000 HD 1080 Game Console Video Capture Device Price: $100 Buy this if: You are a gamer who likes creating videos of your awesome gameplay to share with the world on YouTube. Connects quickly and easily to your TV, a PC and your gaming console (or other video source) to digitize content.

  • YesVideo video transfer service (Target Photo) Price: Varies depending on length of video conversion; $15 per VHS tape, or $9 per 3-inch reel. OK, it’s time to stop putting off those old VHS digital conversions, or worse, those old film reels that you have in a box in your closet. YesVideo, which has been doing this for about 15 years, is now available as a service through the Target Photo department. Place they’ll ship you a box, send you a DVD and then let you share the digitized videos online. You’ll also get your original footage back. A lot easier than doing it yourself.

  • Magisto online video editing Price: Free app, premium service available for longer videos OK, so you have a great bunch of photos and videos that you’ve shot with your smartphone (or other camera), and you want a more professional look-and-feel to them. Instead of sitting in a video editing studio for hours, just upload them to Magisto, where the cloud-based service kicks in and provides some great-looking (and sounding - you can add music) effects and transitions. Spring for the premium service ($5 per month or $18 per year) - it’s worth it.

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