A look around Greenpeace's unique Rainbow Warrior

Greenpeace brought it's new Rainbow Warrior ship to the San Francisco Bay this week and we got a chance to have a look around. The first campaign ship purpose built for Greenpeace, it was launched in 2011 and is unique in many ways. It has towering, 53-meter A-frame masts that allow it to carry more sail than other ships its size, and the helicopter pad at the stern is highly unusual for a sailing vessel. Here's a slide show that gives a look around the ship and provides more information

  • Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior moored at San Francisco's Pier 15 this week. It's a unique type of vessel, and the first built from scratch to be a Greenpeace campaign boat.

  • The 53-meter A-frame masts allow it to carry 5 giant sails, more than most ships this size. They can carry it along at 14 knots under sail.

  • The Warrior is one of few sailing vessels with a helicopter pad, used as an "eye in the sky" to monitor illegal fishing and get close to rough coasts. (The tent covering isn't there when the ship is at sea)

  • One of the fast rescue boats ready to be deployed for operations. They can be used to pull someone out of the water or obstruct the path of a whaling vessel

  • The wheelhouse, from which the captain controls the ship. The Rainbow Warrior also has a communications room with a constant satellite Internet connection, for videoconferencing and other campaign work

  • The steering wheel, and to the right the throttle for the electric-drive engine when there's not enough wind to sail

  • An electric-powered crow's nest can shimmy up and down the outside of the A-frame mast

  • A crew member attaches a "Free the Arctic 30" banner. It refers to 28 activists, a photographer and a videographer arrested during a peaceful protest at Gazprom oil rig to draw attention to climate change. They've been charged with piracy and hooliganism and currently in a Russian detention center.

  • A carved dolphin on the bow of the ship is a reminder of its mission.

  • The bow of the ship, with the San Francisco Bay Bridge in the background. This is the third Rainbow Warrior ship. The first was bombed and sunk by the French in 1985, the second was retired two years ago.

  • The Rainbow Warrior III's logo.

  • Photos on deck for visitors show the interior

  • Greenpeace's Bonnie Barclay gave visotors a tour of the ship this week.

  • You can stay up to date with the ship on Facebook

  • The masts tower over the piers on the San Francisco Embarcadero

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