In Pictures: New Juniper CEO - Meet the real Shaygan Kheradpir

From FiOS to the CIO Hall of Fame to Twitter: Kheradpir makes for an interesting choice by Juniper.

  • Juniper Networks has named Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO, effective Jan. 1, as the company looks to build on its success in the carrier router market and turn around its enterprise switching and IT security businesses. Here’s a closer look at the new man in charge of one of Cisco’s biggest rivals.

  • WELL ROUNDED Kheradpir’s communications career has spanned from GTE in 1987, where he was a VP at GTE Labs where he oversaw the software systems lab and directed IT, to Verizon (into which GTE blended), where in the 2000s he was EVP, CIO and CTO at Verizon Communications and SVP and CIO for Verizon Telecom, to Barclays bank, where he took over as chief operations and technology officer in 2011. And now Juniper…

  • A SOCIAL KIND OF GUY You can get a feel for Kheradpir’s current interests and opinions (tech leaders, consumerization of IT, etc.) via his @ShayganK Twitter account. Will be interesting to see if he continues to tweet as Juniper’s chief.

  • THE REAL FIOS GUY Verizon used to run ads featuring “The FiOS Guy,” who had a plainspoken way of outsmarting a rival’s cable/Internet guy. But Kheradpir is perhaps the real FiOS guy, credited with leading the team that brought Verizon’s FiOS Internet/voice/cable network to the public.

  • HALL OF FAMER Our sister publication CIO inducted Kheradpir into its CIO Hall of Fame in 2007, calling him “The Revenue Generator” for his efforts to lead development of new products and services at Verizon while EVP and CIO.

  • IVY LEAGUER Between 1979 and 1987, Kheradpir earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree in electrical engineering with a focus on control systems from Cornell University.

  • NEXT IN LINE Kheradpir becomes Juniper’s fourth CEO, following Kevin Johnson, an IBM and Microsoft veteran who in July announced plans to retire after five years on the job. Earlier CEOs were founder Pradeep Sindhu back in 1996 and then Scott Kriens, who took over late in 1996 and led the company until 2008.

  • OLD TIMER? According to the Wikipedia entry on Kheradpir the morning his Juniper hiring was announced, he was born in December of 1903 in London, making him 109 years old. Lookin’ Good! (He appears to have really been born in 1960.) The Wikipedia entry has since been fixed.

  • TAKE THIS TROLLS Kheradpir is no empty suit: he’s a techie through and through, as you can see from the handful of patents credited to his name, including “Method and Apparatus for Providing Content Aggregation in Support of Virtual Channels” and “A predictive access-control and routing system for integrated services telecommunication networks.”

  • ON THE BALL Kheradpir has his own website, which was updated with his Juniper info the day the news was announced. Now that’s organization.

  • STANDARDS ORIENTED Kheradpir in 2010 was named to the board of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology. More technically, Kheradpir served from 2010-2013 on the NIST Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology.

  • AUTHOR, AUTHOR Kheradpir has been published numerous times in technical publications such as IEEE journals, with paper titles including “Real Time Control of Robot Manipulators in the Presence of Obstacles” and “Integrated Network and Service Management for the NCIH (North Carolina Information Highway).”

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