In Pictures: First look (and listen) - Firefox 25

Firefox's new support for HTML5's Web audio feature steals the show

  • A quarter-century of Firefox (versions) Has it already been 25 versions, Firefox? Actually, given decimal versioning, it’s probably been a lot more, but this one introduces a neat new web audio feature alongside several other tweaks and fixes. Have a look.

  • Web Audio We’ll admit it – we really liked this Minecraft-y demonstration of the positional audio features new to Firefox 25. Moving around the environment changes the sound in a believable, consistent way. (And the song, by composer Adam Hagstrand, is just lovely.)

  • More web audio There’s even a brook nearby that babbles convincingly. Pretty cool stuff.

  • Changed the find bar The little control+F bar at the bottom-left of the window doesn’t share text between different tabs, eliminating a hinky behavior that devs had complained about in the past.

  • Nice to see you back! New Firefox users – or those who have returned after lengthy absences – are now automatically offered the option to import their history and settings and what-not into FF.

  • Stickier sessions Browser sessions will be more persistent after an update or restart, a move designed to make Firefox use more seamless, particularly on Android devices. Never fun to lose an important page.

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