In pictures: Samsung's curved OLED TV

55-inch curved OLED TV now available in Australia

  • Samsung's 55-inch, curved OLED TV is now available in Australia, for a surprisingly reasonable $10,999. Here's a closer look. The KN55S9C will only be available from Samsung's Experience Store in Australia as of 1PM AEST today, but in coming days and weeks it'll make its way to "select retail stores" with "limited stock available".

  • The TV's curve is supposedly more immersive for viewers, although it's mostly just a pleasant visual cue and conversation starter. More immersive is the TV's OLED technology, the first of its size in the country. OLED means infinite contrast, with each of the TV's pixels able to output and control its own light source, allowing for bright whites and perfectly deep blacks in two pixels literally micrometres from each other

  • The TV also features a Samsung first called MultiView, letting two 3D glasses wearers watch different video content at the same time on the same screen. Samsung's new glasses also have a set of stereo speakers in the glasses' arms, so each viewer can listen to whatever they're watching as well.

  • LG, which also makes a curved OLED TV, says the design allows it to more closely match the curve of a human eyeball, for less eye strain and more realistic pictures. This isn't particularly true, but it's a nice story.

  • Another look at the front of the Samsung KN55S9C OLED TV. Stock is supposedly limited, and although Samsung doesn't expect too many buyers they are likely to sell out of their inventory entirely.

  • The rear of the Samsung curved OLED TV. It has the usual comprehensive suite of Samsung Smart TV tech, including an Evolution Kit, Samsung's new five-pane Smart Hub, built-in Wi-Fi, passive 3D and plenty of other bells and whistles.

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