Hands-on with the Misfit Shine physical activity monitor

We go hands-on with the Misfit Shine, an elegant physical activity monitor

  • Fitness trackers seem to be one of the most popular tech categories at the moment, and the Misfit Shine might just be the most stylish of the lot. We've just managed to get our hands on one, so let's check it out!

    The Misfit Shine is all about design, right down to its rather strange, dome style packaging.

  • Unfortunately, Android users are out of luck: to use the Shine you'll need an iPhone 4S or later, an iPod touch 5th Gen or later, an iPad 3rd Gen or later, or an iPad mini. Interestingly, the company said it was working on an Android app before the product officially launched, but announced back in May it was dropping that to focus solely on iOS.

  • The Shine is manufactured in Korea.

  • The Shine itself looks very different to most fitness trackers on the market. It looks like a small pendant, about the size of a $1 coin. It's waterproof and therefore can be used while swimming, or worn in the shower.

  • Images on the inside of the packaging show you how to remove and set up the device.

  • You'll need to visit the [[|Misfit Web site]] to initially set up the tracker.

  • The number 12 is printed on the back of the Shine which is a guide to indicate the correct way up. This is necessary for telling the time, which the Shine does by lighting one of its 12 LED indications for the hour, and flashing another for the minute.

  • The Misfit Shine is constructed from aluminium and has polished, mirrored edges that can be quite sharp.

  • The Misfit Shine's sales package comes with the Shine itself, a tool to open the back and fit the battery, a rubber wristband to wear the device as a watch, and a magnetic clip that can be attached to your belt or clothing.

  • You'll need to open the Misfit Shine to fit the battery, as the above image shows.

  • The Shine uses a button cell lithium battery, the same used in most watches. Misfit says it will last for four months before needing to be replaced.

  • The Shine will track your steps, how many calories you lose and how many kilometres you move. Like the tracker itself, the app is intuitive and well designed, but its feature set is limited compared to many competing devices on the market. Like the Fitbit Flex, the Shine uses LED lights to display how close you are to your daily step goal: there's no screen on the device.

  • Unfortunately, the Shine doesn't automatically sync to your iPhone like the Fitbit Flex does. Instead, you need to place the Shine on the screen of your phone when the app is open.

  • The metal coming into contact with the glass on the iPhone will begin syncing. In most instances this takes around 10-15 seconds.

  • We'll have a full review of the Misfit Shine in the coming weeks. The device is available now in Australia through the Apple Store for $139.95.

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