In Pictures: The worst of 3D printing hype

Undoubtedly, 3D printing is a groundbreaking technology with the potential to change the world. However, the technology has been over-hyped lately, so much so that some experts anticipate consumers will be largely disappointed with the technology’s reality. Amid reports of some of the most important 3D printing projects, some projects over-state their potential, are too expensive to ever be practical, or are just plain useless.

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Human fetus replica Using images from MRI and CT scans of pregnant women’s torsos, Japanese firm Fasotec and Hiroo Ladies Clinic has developed a way to 3D print a scale replica of a fetus. Some may say the plastic model isn’t any different than photos or video of an ultrasound procedure. However, the company is selling the replicas for $1,275, and will charge more to make them into keychains and cellphone dongles, according to a report from Diginfo.TV.

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In Pictures: The worst of 3D printing hype

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