Hands-on with the Beats Pill

The Beats Pill is a light and portable Bluetooth speaker that promises quality sound

  • The Beats Pill is a light and portable Bluetooth speaker that promises quality sound. We've just received an evaluation unit, so let's go hands-on!

    Like all Beats products, there is a real emphasis on the Pill's retail packaging and presentation.

  • Unboxing the Beats Pill.

  • The Beats Pill comes packages with an Australian AC adapter, a micro-USB to USB charging cable, a standard 3.5mm audio cable for a wired connection and a carabiner that attaches to the included carry case.

  • There's also the standard documentation included. Product support, user guide, warranty and the safe buying guide that tells you how to spot fake Beats products.

  • The Beats Pill even comes packaged like a pill, in this case quite a large one.

  • The sealed plastic wrapped needs to be peeled back to open, as shown above.

  • The included zipped carry case is a nice touch.

  • Removing the Beats Pill from the carry case.

  • The Beats Pill has minimal physical buttons and most of the operation centres around the large Beats button on the front.

  • You press and hold this button for three seconds to put the speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode. You can also press it to answer or end any incoming calls, place a call on hold, or play or pause your current music.

  • Volume up and down buttons sit on top of the Beats Pill. There are no buttons to skip tracks.

  • The rear of the Beats Pill has a power button, a micro-USB input for charging, and audio in and out ports.

    We'll have a full review of the Beats Pill online in the coming days. It is available now in Australia for $259.

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