In Pictures: First Look. Google Chrome 28

A new rich notification feature, a different kind of WebKit and a raft of security fixes made it into the latest stable version of Google's Chrome browser.

  • Don't look now, but that's a rich notification Google's release of Chrome 28 – which you probably didn't notice, thanks to the usual stealthy auto-update – brings important security updates, Google's own Blink web rendering engine, and a new system of rich app notifications. Here's a quick look.

  • Why, hello there The big addition in Chrome 28 is the aforementioned notification system, which lets developers create customizeable pop-up messages.

  • All in one place This doesn't mean, however, that you're about to get your screen blotted out by pop-ups – the notifications collect in one place, like the drop-down bar in Android.

  • In control Given that the web can easily cause enormous amounts of information overload on its own, the ability to toggle notifications from different sources on and off seems important.

  • Blink Google's new fork of the ubiquitous WebKit rendering engine appears for the first time in a stable branch in version 28 of Chrome. Yeah, it's not going to be an earth-shaking change, particularly at first, but hey, it's there now.

  • Security bucks Google paid Russian researcher Andrey Labunets $21,500 for fixing several bugs, including a high-priority issue in sign-in and sync. A further $6,267 went to Collin Payne for his work in fixing the only critical-rated vulnerability in Chrome 28, a use-after-free with network sockets.

  • What's next? Chrome Canary, the bleeding-edge development and testing build of the browser, is all the way up to version 30. CNET reports that Google is working on adding support for higher-definition screens in Windows environments.

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