In Pictures: Gmail's latest redesign

Google's new Gmail interface attempts to do away with the headaches of email management

  • What's new is even newer again Google, as you may have noticed, is a company that likes to shake up existing products and even kill them off when it feels the time is right. While Gmail is apparently here to stay, the Goog has rolled out another interface overhaul.

  • Tabs! Tabs! Tabs! For the desktop version of the new Gmail, the big new feature is tabs -- you can now split your inbox up by label, resulting in a less cluttered view.

  • Android The tab interface might have looked a bit cluttered on a smartphone screen, so Google changed it up a little for the Android version -- though the tabs are technically still there.

  • iOS The interface looks very different on iPhones, but the basic elements are still there.

  • Social This tab collects all the notifications you get from social networks, so you'll be looking at this when you get the message that dozens of people retweeted something stupid you said at 3 a.m.

  • Updates Wondering where the heck that confirmation email from Amazon about your new pipe organ has gone? Wonder no more. (Also, Google's example person apparently flies Blitz Air -- shouldn't someone tell her that's not a real airline?)

  • Promotions Essentially, a legitimized version of the spam folder, this is where all your "50 percent off used printer parts and Viagra" emails will end up. OK, maybe the Viagra ones will still wind up in spam.

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