In Pictures: Twitter’s 10 most antisocial celebrities

Followed by millions, they follow no one (or only one) in return

  • Don’t expect them to follow you … even if you’re famous, too What part of the social in social media don’t these 10 celebrities understand? They are followed by millions yet follow no one or at most only one Twitter compatriot in return. They are anomalies, too, as this is not typical celebrity behavior; in fact, of the Top 500 accounts in terms of followers, only these 10 follow so few. By way of contrast: Justin Bieber, whose 39.2 million followers top the charts, manages to follow some 123,000 Beliebers. Bill Gates is followed by 11.3 million and in return follows 154, which while not a large number is 154 more than zero. Even Pope Francisco, who’s been on Twitter only since March and has gathered 2.4 million to his flock, has followed eight of them back

  • No. 10: Mano Menezes Famous Brazilian soccer coach, fired by the country’s national team last year, follows nil-nil.

  • No. 9: Zach Galifianakis Actor, comedian, pianist, follows not one heckler.

  • No. 8: Rev Run Rev Run of Run DMC fame follows no one, not even @OfficialRunDMC.

  • Dwayne Johnson The Rock follows no one and that’s just fine by me.

  • No. 6: Stephen Colbert Until recently Colbert followed no one, which made perfect sense from a character perspective. Then former President Bill Clinton appeared on The Colbert Report and received a lesson in the ways of Twitter from the host, who uncharacteristically felt compelled to follow the former president’s temporary account, @PrezBillyJeff. Today Clinton has a real Twitter account, which follows eight others, six of which are organizations. The two humans? Clinton’s daughter Chelsea and Stephen Colbert.

  • No. 5: Dalai Lama As mentioned earlier, Pope Francisco has been on Twitter for only a few months and already follows eight people. Dalai Lama joined in 2009 and follows no one. Just sayin’.

  • No. 4: Conan O’Brien Conan follows only one person, Sarah Slowik of Conway Township, Mich. Why Sarah Slowik? O’Brien chose her at random in 2010 when she was Sarah Killen and engaged to John Slowik.

  • No. 3: Kanye West Follows only one and it’s … Kim Kardashian? Maybe we need to let him finish.

  • No.2: Jim Carrey Follows only one but at least it’s his daughter, Jane.

  • No. 1: Marshall Mathers Eminem doesn’t even follow Slim Shady.

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