In Pictures: 12 extensions that make Opera sing

Here are a dozen extensions that improve the Opera user experience.

  • The Opera browser boasts more than 300 million users worldwide. Here are a dozen extensions that improve the Opera user experience.

  • 1. Scroll-up arrow Button Scroll Up adds a function to Opera that you’ll find in many browsers for smartphones and tablets, including the mobile versions of Opera. As you scroll down a page, a circle icon with an upward pointing arrow will appear over the lower-right of the tab window. Click it and Opera will automatically scroll back up to the top of the page.

  • 2. Close inactive tabs Upon installing this extension, you can instantly close all inactive tabs that are to the right or left of the active tab. This can be convenient if you tend to open a lot of tabs and forget about them, especially if you open them in the background. This extension was inspired by an identical function built into Chrome.

  • 3. Font resizer Extension page Font resizer allows you to increase or decrease the size of fonts in a page without affecting the sizing of other design elements, such as images, throughout its layout. This extension even remembers your settings -- if you close the tab, or reload the browser, and visit the website again, Font resizer will display the fonts in the size you set previously.

  • 4. Markup pen Extension page MarkupPen adds a virtual highlighter to Opera. You can highlight lines of text in a web page; they will be saved in Opera’s cache so they’ll be reapplied when you visit the same page again. You can use up to five colors for the highlights, and each color can be changed. The highlighted parts of text can be shown in a list.

  • 5. Open With Alt + Click Extension page With this extension installed, you can hold down either ALT key and click on a link to open it as an inactive tab tucked away behind the tab you’re currently viewing. The developer of this extension devised this with notebook users in mind, because the ALT keys on these computers are typically set closest to the touchpad.

  • 6. Open With Long Click Extension page This extension grants you an alternative way to open a tab in the background as an inactive one: Clicking and holding on a link for a second or so will open the link but automatically set it as an inactive tab. Compared to Open With Alt + Click, Open With Long Click works better if you prefer to click on links in Opera with a mouse or touchpad button.

  • 7. QR Code Generator Extension page Click the QR Code Generator tool icon, and this extension generates and pops open a QR code image of the website’s URL that’s loaded in the active tab. With a QR code reader app running on your smartphone or tablet, you then aim your mobile device’s camera at this QR code image, and your device will then go to the web page’s address.

  • 8. Readability Extension page This extension strips away extraneous elements (frames, images, secondary text) in a web page to display only its main body of text in a distraction-free layout. Readability automatically tries to merge the text of an article that is separated across multiple pages into one page.

  • 9. Screenshot capture Extension page This extension lets you capture a screenshot of the web page shown in the active tab. You can grab the page as it appears in the tab window; a specific part of it within a rectangular, click-and-drag selector tool; or save its entire layout from top to bottom. It can take some getting used to the user controls of this add-on, which are a little confusing, but it’s a powerful free tool.

  • 10. Snap Links Extension page Snap Links provides yet another way to open links as background tabs, but this lets you do so by opening several of them at once. You click-and-hold on the mouse or touchpad button to draw a selection rectangle around links in a web page. Release the button, and all links will then be opened as tabs behind the active one they originated from that you’re viewing.

  • 11. Text area resizer Extension page If you come across entry boxes on pages (the kind where you type text into) that are too small to work with, Text area resizer may be able to help. With it, you can resize text entry boxes by clicking, holding and dragging on the lower-right corners of them.

  • 12. Touch Scroll Extension page Here’s an extension that was created to make Opera easier to use on a touchscreen, but which can still be beneficial if you’re not. It lets you pan across a web page by brushing your fingers across the touchscreen (or you can click-and-hold with a mouse or touchpad button). When your finger is off the screen, or you release the button, the panning gradually slows to a stop.

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