How to redeem movies with UltraViolet

We show you how to use Flixster to add movies to your UltraViolet online video collection

  • [[artnid:459824|What is UltraViolet?]] It's the new, free movie streaming and download service that will be bundled with new-release movies and TV shows sold on DVD and Blu-ray from May 1. We're using Flixster to show you how you can redeem movies that come with an UltraViolet coupon, so you can download or stream them to your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

  • For our first example, we're redeeming a copy of The Bourne Legacy that we bought on Blu-ray. (We're using a VPN to pretend we're in the US, as UltraViolet isn't officially launched here yet. We're also using a US version of the Blu-ray.) We got to this website by typing in the address that was displayed on the slip of paper inside the Blu-ray disc case's front cover. Once you get to this page, enter the unique 12- or 16-digit code in the box.

  • After you enter that code, you're taken to a page where you can redeem an UltraViolet copy. We chose Flixster as it's a service we've used before — it's owned by Warner Bros (rather than Universal, who distributes The Bourne Legacy) and is integrated with the Rotten Tomatoes movie critic network. It's important to realise that what service you choose here doesn't really matter. You can access your entire UltraViolet collection through any of the services available. We know that Flixster will be available in Australia when UltraViolet launches here, but more will pop up soon. It doesn't matter which you choose, so go with whichever one you like.

  • At this point, you're taken to whichever portal you selected — Flixster, in our case. You've got to re-enter the code to get to the next step.

  • You've got to make an account for whichever portal you choose. We made a Flixster account here, and also selected the option that automatically makes an accompanying UltraViolet account and redeems your movie coupon. This is important to note -- you've got a central UltraViolet account, and an account for whichever portal you choose. You can make accounts at any of the portals, and as many as you like, but they all have to be associated with your UltraViolet account to access your stored movies.

  • After the accounts are successfully created, the process is complete! You're taken to the landing page of your movie and TV portal, showing you all the titles you have attached to your UltraViolet account. Flixster's service shows you movie ratings, currently screening titles, and lets you filter and search through your collection.

  • You can also use Flixster (or other portals) to directly add movies and TV series you own to your UltraViolet collection. As long as you've got an UltraViolet coupon, you can redeem it through any portal in most cases.

  • You simply choose from the list of compatible UltraViolet titles — the easiest way is to use the search bar up top. Once you've found the movie you want, click on it to select it for UltraViolet redemption.

  • The second title we chose to add to our UltraViolet collection through Flixster was The Hobbit. We opened up the disc case, found the 12-digit unique code, and entered it into the box on the screen.

  • As you add more movies and TV shows, your UltraViolet collection will grow.

  • Select a title from your UltraViolet collection (on Flixster or wherever you are), and you'll be given the option to watch it now, or download it to watch later.

  • Select the download option, and you're prompted to install the Flixster app on your PC or Mac. You can then use that app to access your movies and TV shows for streaming or downloading. You can also get the Flixster app for your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, so you can stream your UltraViolet collection of movies and TV shows wherever you have a decent 3G or Wi-Fi collection. You can also download them directly to your mobile device to watch when you don't have Internet access.

  • You can also stream the movie through your PC or Mac's Web browser if you click the Watch Now button. You get a simple page that you can maximise into full-screen mode if you want.

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