In Pictures: OpenStack's hottest products right now

As the OpenStack Summit is underway in Portland, Ore., this week, a variety of companies are making product and services news at the show

  • OpenStack is growing up, but there still seems to be a question in the market about whether it's ready for prime time in the enterprise yet. The companies whose open source-based offerings are highlighted in this slideshow, however, say the market absolutely is ready.

  • Product name: RDO (an open source community project) -- Red Hat OpenStack Early Adopter Program Key features: RDO is a community-supported distribution of OpenStack that runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora and their derivatives. Red Hat hopes to do for OpenStack what it did with Linux.

  • Product name: Rackspace Global Cloud Network Key features: Rackspace Hosting announced plans to expand its global cloud network through a program that would have Rackspace build and run interoperable public clouds for service providers around the world.

  • Product name: HP CloudSystem Bursting Activation Services Key features: This product allows enterprises and service providers to reliably and quickly install as well as configure cloud bursting capabilities.

  • Product name: Partnership between Red Hat, Hortonworks and Mirantis Key features: These three companies will collaborate to contribute significantly to Project Savanna Apache Hadoop on OpenStack for simpler and cost-effective transitions of big data workloads between public and private clouds.

  • Product name: Piston Enterprise OpenStack 2.0 Key features: Delivers storage, compute and networking virtualization through the OpenStack interfaces, with system orchestration and enhanced enterprise features under the hood.

  • Product name: Nebula One Key features: A turnkey private cloud system that provides compute, network and storage services through a self-service interface and APIs, using industry-standard servers from vendors such as HP, IBM and Dell.

  • Product name: SmartCloud Orchestrator Key features: An open and extensible cloud orchestration platform built on OpenStack, which uses workload patterns and business process automation to deploy and manage heterogeneous hybrid clouds.

  • Product name: File Share Service for OpenStack Key features: NetApp is proposing a service that extends access to applications written for a broad range of file system types, without the need for a separate management interface.

  • Product name: FUEL Key features: FUEL is the public open source release of Mirantis' toolset for production deployment of OpenStack. It has been used in projects completed at NASA, PayPal, WebEx and others.

  • Product name: Quantum Plug-in Key features: Exposes advanced virtual network infrastructure capabilities, allowing users to provision Virtual Network Domains and define virtual network topologies without any manual configuration or change in underlying infrastructure.

  • Product name: MidoNet Key features: A software-defined networking (SDN) offering that uncouples your cloud from your network hardware, creating an intelligent software abstraction layer between your end hosts and your physical network.

  • Product name: MultiCloud Management Platform Key features: RightScale now integrates OpenStack into its multi-cloud management platform. The latest release includes public beta support for OpenStack Folsom and Rackspace Private Cloud, which tracks to the open source trunk.

  • Product name: Cloud Fabric Key features: Adding OpenStack to GreenButton's Cloud Fabric platform enables HPC/Big Compute/Big Data workloads to be deployed to any OpenStack-powered cloud where GreenButton is running -- without changes to the application itself.

  • Product name: Ceph Key features: A full replacement alternative for Swift, this is an open source, distributed storage system that provides block and object storage fully integrated with OpenStack.

  • Product name: DreamCompute Key features: DreamCompute is a cloud computing service based on OpenStack virtual machine management, Ceph block storage and SDN technology.

  • Product name: mCloud Key features: Allows users to tailor a cloud to meet business needs or select a pre-packaged offering for selling cloud services.

  • Product name: SF3010 (12TB effective capacity/50K IOPS per node) and SF6010 (21.6TB effective capacity/50K IOPS per node) Key features: In this release, enhanced features supported by SolidFire's Cinder Driver include QoS settings via volume types, boot from volumes, multi-backend support and integration with OpenStack distributions including Nebula and Rackspace's Private Cloud software.

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