In Pictures: Innovative products at DEMO Mobile 2013

With the DEMO Mobile conference set to kick off this week, here’s a look at the most innovative mobile products that will see the stage.

  • Flowbit: Remote water monitoring for developing countries Designed for developing countries with limited access to clean water, the Flowbit system involves just hardware installed at the water source and an app installed on a mobile device. Through the combination, which involves simple installation on an already installed water treatment system, Flowbit enables remote monitoring of water temperature, flow rates, and total dissolved solids. All data is stored and accessible in the cloud.

  • Kinsa Smart Thermometer: More than just temperature The Kinsa Smart Thermometer not only takes the users’ temperature, but connects to a user’s smartphone, enabling them to contact healthcare providers, record health issues for later consultation, and even compares symptoms to local health issues to identify possible causes of illness.

  • Lynx A Camera: Point-and-shoot 3D camera The Lynx A Camera makes 3D imaging as easy as traditional photography. The device is slightly larger than an iPad at 11.5 inches by 8 inches by 1 inch and operates the same as a point-and-shoot camera, producing 3D images of the object being captured. The objects can then be exported to popular 3D imaging software Blender, REVIT, and Maya.

  • MakerSwarm: Changing the app ecosystem Established by design company Maya, MakerSwarm aims to disrupt the current mobile app development ecosystem by enabling a more democratic process by which collaborators can create apps. In order to do so, the company says it aims to dissolve the distinction between users and developers and, in doing so, change the culture in the mobile app industry.

  • Nurep: Device support for the operating room Nurep aims to use mobile technology to help medical organizations cut labor costs and better allocate resources. While performing operations, surgeons and other doctors often need medical device representatives in the room to provide support. Nurep replaces the in-person representative with remote support through on the doctor’s smartphone.

  • Stash: Keep updated on local events Almost like Twitter for local events, Stash connects people to the organizations that bring events to their area. Users are updated when new events are announced, and can save those that they are interested in. The app can even import Facebook events and link to the iOS Calendar app to integrate entertainment events with all other plans.

  • Eye Tribe: Eye control for mobile devices Using the front-facing camera on a smartphone, EyeTribe’s technology follows users’ eyes and activates icons for mobile apps or links as they look at them, making all that swiping and poking with fingers unnecessary.

  • Beer Hunt: The Beer Drinker’s App The Beer Hunt is a good resource for beer enthusiasts looking for new brews to try. Users log the types of beer they drink and the app spits out data on what’s popular, while also keeping a tab on who drinks the most craft beers.

  • Wellframe: Patient care beyond the hospital After being discharged from their healthcare providers, some patients find it difficult to keep up with their recovery plans. Wellframe uses mobile technologies to help establish an interactive to-do list for the patient to follow, improving the rate of recovery and identifying helpful trends.

  • WordsEye: Visual storytelling WordsEye automatically translates textual content into 3D images, which the company says could be useful for product placement or social marketing. For example, the image at left was made with WordsEye after the user simply typed in commands for the kind of flooring, size of the room, and furniture.

  • LightLibrary: Digitizing hard-copy books Recognizing that many avid e-book readers likely have a large collection of hard-copy books, LightLibrary has established a way for users to create digital backup for their libraries. The user simply signs the copyright page of a book, takes a picture of the page, and then processes it with LightLibrary, which brings them to an automatic e-book download page.

  • Traffic App: Friend’s recommendations for restaurants While many websites and mobile apps offer reviews for restaurants, these reviews come from strangers who don’t necessarily share your point of view. Traffic App focuses on users’ personal social circles to collect recommendations that will adhere more to their tastes.

  • Travefy: Group traveling, simplified Travefy recognizes the natural obstacles to organizing a group trip, from keeping track of the dozens of emails, texts, and Facebook messages to making sure everybody is accounted for. Travefy provides a platform on which users can suggest trip locations, invite their friends, gather a vote on which destination is best, and book flights and hotel.

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