IN PICTURES: Geekiest/techiest Easter eggs

Decorate your Easter basket with these geek-licious designs

  • If you’re like us, sometime this week (or Saturday), you’ll dig out the Paas Easter Egg dye decorating kit and color your eggs one shade of pastel pink, purple, red, blue or green, and then you’ll be done. But for the following designers, they went the extra mile and designed Easter Eggs that are truly techie and/or geeky.

  • Eggsterminate! The new round of Doctor Who episodes come back on BBC and BBC America on Saturday, the day before Easter. So it’s appropriate that we start our tour with our favorite Doctor Who enemies, the Daleks.

  • Doctor Who contest The Doctor Who Facebook page is encouraging fans to submit their own designs – check out the Sontaran, Silence, Cyberman, Evil Snowman and other monsters decked out as Easter Eggs.

  • Tardis Once the Doctor has dispatched with his egg-shaped enemies, he can escape in his egg-shaped TARDIS. Geronimo!

  • Game of Thrones Easter Sunday also marks the debut of Season 3 of Game of Thrones on HBO. While you’re waiting to see if any characters live or die, check out these Thrones-inspired eggs (including some very nice dragon eggs).

  • Apples and eggs don't mix While more popular on pumpkins, the Apple logo still finds time to get on Easter eggs.

  • Robots love Easter Whether it’s Easter eggs made from a robot, or whether you make a robot out of eggs, there’s robotic love for Easter everywhere on the Internet.

  • Linux love While Easter eggs don’t come in many flavors, Linux does. Here are our two favorite Linux-related Eggs:

  • Justice league / Avengers team up While it’s rare to see superheroes from Marvel and DC teaming up, they can all agree on enjoying Easter.

  • LEGO my Easter Egg We love creating Easter eggs, but we also like building stuff with Legos. With these, we can do both.

  • Easter egges not found in games For video gamers, Easter Eggs means a bonus item found in a game or other hidden gem. For us, it means game-related eggs, like this Xbox-button-themed set of eggs.

  • Old-school gamers prefer these Easter eggs Those of us who remember the first Easter Egg in a video game (Adventure on the Atari 2600) might appreciate these Pac-Man (also popular at the time) eggs.

  • Mario and Luigi and Friends Everyone’s favorite plumber and friends also enjoy Easter – here are a bunch of Mario and Luigi eggs.

  • Use the egg, Luke We couldn’t do a geek-related slide show without including Star Wars. Here’s a Darth Maul one that you should never split in half:

  • Adventure time eggs Sadly, I don’t watch this show (I know!), so I can’t think of a good pun here. Feel free to add your own Adventure Time-related pun in the comments while you look at these eggs.

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