Sample photos: Panasonic LUMIX TZ40

Panasonic's TZ40 superzoom has a 20x lens, GPS, Wi-Fi, and NFC

  • We had a chance to try out Panasonic's new TZ40 travel-zoom compact digital camera on Adelaide's Glenelg waterfront. So, we took it on a dolphin-spotting trip...

  • The TZ40's lens handles flare pretty well, not showing too many sun-spots when we pointed directly at the morning sun over South Australia.

  • Here's a small pod of dolphins that wanted to check the TZ40's autofocus speed -- and it's pretty decent.

  • Here's a dolphin pretending to be a shark.

  • Here's a plane pretending to be a bird.

  • This is the TZ40 at its minimum 24mm wide angle zoom setting.

  • This is the TZ40 at its maximum 480mm telephoto zoom setting -- a huge 20x distance from the minimum zoom.

  • This is a macro shot taken with the TZ40 -- plenty of fine image detail in the metal around the bolts.

  • This shows the TZ40's close focus performance, reasonably blurring out the background when it's focused at a close distance of around half a metre from the lens.

  • Captured at twilight, the TZ400 does a decent job of snapping a picture of the moon handheld at its maximum 480mm zoom range.

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