Sample photos: Panasonic LUMIX FT5

We take the LUMIX FT5 for a walk through Adelaide's Glenelg waterfront

  • We had an opportunity to test-drive Panasonic's new FT5 tough camera a few days ago, so we took it for a walk along the Adelaide waterfront.

  • Shooting images at 16.1 megapixels, the FT5 is pretty basic as compact cameras go. It's designed to be versatile moreso than powerful -- it's crushproof, waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, freezeproof...

  • Here's a sample Intelligent Auto photo, taken at the FT5's lowest ISO setting of 100.

  • This is the same photo with a Neutral filter applied to lower the photo's contrast.

  • If you want your images to have a little more pop, this is the Dramatic Art filter.

  • This Intelligent Auto photo is a composite of two photos -- the FT5 detected a strong backlight in the scene, so stitched together one normally-exposed and one under-exposed photo to avoid any highlight blow-out.

  • Here's the Happy art filter applied to a photo.

  • The same photo, shot in Monochrome.

  • The same photo, shot in Sepia.

  • This photo is an example of one taken without the Intelligent Auto's automatic backlight detection -- you can see the sun blowing out the centre of the photo at the horizon.

  • With backlight detection stitching two photos together, there is far more detail in the sky and brighter shadow areas.

  • This photo was captured at ISO 400, with detail largely similar to the camera's native ISO 100.

  • This sweep panorama is captured with the camera taking photos continuously as it's moved across the scene, quickly being stitched together behind the scenes.

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