In Pictures: 10 top Google Reader alternatives

As Google Reader goes gently into that good night, it's time to look for other RSS tools

  • Reader refugees seek a new home The tech world in general, and tech media in particular, greeted the announcement of Google Reader's upcoming demise with widespread frustration and angst. While we can't do anything about the July 1 shutdown of Google's popular RSS reader, we can at least point you in the direction of some possible ways to fill the void.

  • Newsblur Available for iOS, Android and on the Web, Newsblur offers the ability to transition from Google Reader with just a couple of clicks. You have to pay a fee of $1 per month, though, for any more than limited functionality.

  • The Old Reader Appropriately enough, The Old Reader is meant to emulate earlier versions of Google Reader. As you can see from the screener, The Old Reader (like many of the options in this slideshow) is getting absolutely hammered by Reader refugees.

  • Feedly Feedly's a somewhat shinier, more news-y RSS reader than the others -- you might have to tweak it a little to get it looking like you want, but it's certainly attractive.

  • Bloglines On the plus side, Bloglines is free -- on the not-so-plus side, it automatically signs you up for a bunch of MerchantCircle feeds you might not want. (Though it's no biggie to get rid of them.)

  • Netvibes Netvibes is basically the same thing as Bloglines, though with a business focus and -- apparently -- the ability to use it for real-time analytics.

  • Fever For those looking for something a little bit more robust, Fever is a $30 server program that helps prioritize "hot" feeds over less important ones.

  • Selfoss A free, open-source project by Tobias Zeising, Selfoss is a functional, no-nonsense feed reader with a clean, spare interface.

  • Tiny Tiny RSS Tiny Tiny RSS is another open-source project that author Andrew Dolgov says is "designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible."

  • Newsbeuter Want to go text-only? Check out Andreas Krennmair's Newsbeuter, which uses a command-line interface meant for the technically savvy.

  • Prismatic At the opposite end of the spectrum is Prismatic -- a glitzy, high-concept product with a ton of graphical polish, social functions and the ability to suggest feeds you might be interested in.

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