In pictures: Foxtel Go for iPad

We show you what Foxtel's new mobile TV app for iPad can do

  • Foxtel has released the Foxtel Go app for Apple iPads, letting existing Foxtel subscribers access up to 21 channels of live TV and an archive of catch-up TV programs. We've got a quick run-through of how the app works, what it can do, and what you'll need to do to use it. This is the Home screen -- what you'll see when you open the app after downloading it from the App Store. It's got big tiles showing off featured content -- although it'll be showing TV programs from every corner of Foxtel's channel list, so if you don't have the appropriate packages as part of your subscription you won't be able to access some of it.

  • The home screen scrolls right for a few more tiles, showing off a wide variety of video.

  • The Live TV tab shows you a list of the 21 channels of content currently available on Foxtel Go. Video is shown in-set for whatever channel you have currently selected; hitting a new channel brings up the appropriate stream.

  • You can select the video to make it full-screen, with native time-shifting scrubbing controls, playback, pausing and 30-second rewind buttons.

  • The full-screen mode, when running in the best quality mode, is reasonably detailed and smooth for a video service that's streaming to a comparatively low-powered tablet over 3G or Wi-Fi.

  • The catch-up tab shows all the TV programs that can be watched from Foxtel's archives -- again, reliant on what channel packages you've purchased. You can search, sort by genre or alphabet, or the channel on which the program was originally broadcast.

  • Video settings lets you choose between Best — which maxes out your connection to give you better-than-DVD-quality video — and Low, which prioritises saving data over delivering video quality.

  • The Manage My Devices screen lets you pick which iPads you have synced with the Foxtel Go app. You can have up to two iPads watching Foxtel Go simultaneously -- an average number for a Foxtel household, apparently -- and can add a third device (with one maximum change per month) as long as you de-authorise one of the others.

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