In pictures: Windows Phone 8 handsets

See some of the best (and most colourful) phones that will run Microsoft's new mobile operating system

In pictures: Windows Phone 8 handsets next


The Australian launch of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 was a disappointment to most journalists looking for nitty-gritty details on the company's new mobile operating system, especially from a business point of view.

However, there were a few phones present at the event that we were able to touch and photograph. Handsets from HTC, Nokia and Samsung were present, with the first models from HTC and Nokia to be available in late November; meanwhile, phones from Samsung will be available in December. The hardware is impressive and the software looks good at a glance.

The whole experience is based on Live Tiles and screen customisation so that you can get to your favourite information with a minimum of fuss. Importantly, the Start screen will be familiar to anyone who already uses a Windows 8 PC and lots of cloud-based data can be available seamlessly once you log in with your Microsoft user account. We can't wait to get our hands on these devices to see how well the whole Windows 8 ecosystem works from the desktop to the phone.

Pictured first up is HTC's 8X, which is a 4.3in phone that feels very light and nicely contoured.

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