In Pictures: 10 smartphone apps that can help track your expenses

Hate having to record your expenditures for the IRS or your company's accounting department? These iPhone and Android apps can make it easier to track expenses.

  • Cashbook Expense Tracker Along with other expenses, Cashbook Expense Tracker can handle mileage: The app uses GPS to determine the amount of time and distance you travel, then records that information along with your starting and stopping address. OS reviewed: Android.

  • Expenditure Expenditure provides a simple and intuitive interface for recording both expenses and income. You can include a number of descriptive details, including categories, dates, and whether it is a repeating transaction. OS reviewed: iOS.

  • Expense Manager When you add an expense, Expense Manager provides you with a list of commonly-used vendors and category terms that you can select with a couple of taps (you can add your own quick-select items into the lists as well). OS reviewed: Android.

  • Expensify Expensify, the mobile app connected to the online service of the same name, lets you record a variety of expenses; it includes an OCR service that can scan and record the merchant name, transaction date and amount from a receipt. OS reviewed: iOS. Other OSes available: Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Palm.

  • FreshBooks Cloud Accounting FreshBooks provides cloud-based accounting services for small business owners and freelancers who must deal with clients. The iPhone app allows you to track a variety of data and to manage projects. OS reviewed: iOS.

  • Hello Expense Hello Expense is a simple Android app that makes it easy to store expense info on the go: When you open the application, you're greeted with a plain black-and-white form with a small handful of fields: the date, the expense category, the expense amount and any memo or tags you wish to add. OS reviewed: Android.

  • MoneyWise MoneyWise combines a minimalist design with some powerful functionality. You fill in a description, select a category, add any tags you want and type in the amount. The app utilizes Google's Android 4.x design standards to create a clean and intuitive interface that's a true pleasure to use. OS reviewed: Android.

  • ProOnGo Expense Tracker ProOnGo Expense Tracker is very specifically a business app -- it allows small business owners to track both employees' expenses and clients' payments via a mobile app and a Web application. OS reviewed: iOS. Other OSes available: Android, BlackBerry.

  • Receipts Pro Receipts Pro lets you separate expenses into different accounts (such as business vs. personal); within each account, you can divide expenses by categories (such as mileage, equipment, etc.). The app will also convert foreign currency to your home currency. OS reviewed: iOS.

  • Toshl Finance Expense Tracker Toshl Finance Expense Tracker's design is clean and simple to use. When you add a new expense, Toshl pops up a full-screen calculator with large keys in order for you to enter the amount. Then you're taken to a second screen on which you can assign a tag to the item and opt to make the expense recurring if you want. OS reviewed: Android. Other Oses available: iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry.

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