Holden Volt: A closer look at GPS satellite navigation

We take a closer look at the GPS satellite navigation system in the Holden Volt.

  • The [[artnid: 436141|Holden Volt]] long range electric car is packed full of tech. We've just got our hands on it for a week long test drive. Let's start by having a look at some of the [[artnid:436012|Volt's in-car features]], particularly the built-in GPS navigation system.

    Here's the screen where you enter your destination. You can use the resistive touchscreen, which is fairly responsive, or you can scroll through the options using a large dial in the control panel below.

  • An on-screen keyboard appears for inputting letters and numbers. There's no option to change the keyboard layout from ABC to QWERTY.

  • The system will filter city and street name as you type, narrowing down potential results for a faster search.

  • Selecting a suburb.

  • Selecting a street.

  • Once you select your destination, whether that be an address or point of interest, you can save it as favourite, see a map of the surrounding area, or start your route by selecting the appropriate on screen buttons.

  • Any saved locations are stored in a built-in "address book".

  • Here's a destination pinned on a map.

  • The system provides fast, short and easy route options.

  • You get the standard safety warning once you finalise your destination and begin a trip.

  • You can see the whole route on a map if you wish.

  • When accessing the radio while using the navigation system, the 7in display uses a split-screen interface as shown above. Radio on the left, map on the right.

  • In addition to the main 7in display in the centre console, drivers of the Volt are shown next turn directions on the instrument cluster screen.

  • Here's some controls on the left side of the steering wheel. The dial in the middle will scroll through radio stations.

  • Here's a few more buttons on the right side of the steering wheel. The volume controls on the right side adjust the volume for audio and navigation.

  • The FM radio displays a description of the station listening to if available. Here's Nova 96.9 in Sydney.

  • And Sydney's 2DayFM (104.9FM)

  • You don't get the same information when listing to Australian AM radio.

  • The front dash and steering wheel of the Holden Volt. The white centre console is very distinctive.

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