First look: Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker

We take a first look at Fitbit's new Zip wireless activity tracker.

  • Fitness gadgets are a popular use of today's technology. [[artnid:415780|We reviewed the FitBit Ultra earlier this year]] but the company has just released a new, entry level model called the Zip. It's a digital pedometer that tracks steps, distance and the amount of calories burned. We've just got our hands on the Zip here in the PC World offices. Let's take a closer look!

    The Fitbit Zip in its Australian retail packaging.

  • As outlined on the back of the box, the Fitbit Zip is a digital pedometer that tracks your steps, distance and calories burned.

  • The Fitbit Zip has built-in Bluetooth so it can sync directly with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. There's also a Web interface, too.

  • The Zip is tiny and looks somewhat like a mini Tamagotchi. Remember those things?

  • The quick guide instructions are basic and easy to understand.

  • The FitBit Zip comes with a clip holster, a wireless USB dongle for your PC or notebook and a tool to remove the battery.

  • The battery is the same you'll find in most watches.

  • Here's the Zip itself. As you can see it is tiny.

  • The back of the Zip.

  • You use the included plastic tool to open the battery compartment, as shown above.

  • Here's the compartment open, showing where the battery sits.

  • Once its turned on, the monochrome screen comes to life.

  • You simply tap on the screen to cycle through the display modes. There's a step counter, distance moved and a calorie counter.

  • The Fitbit Zip will sync wirelessly with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Unfortunately Android users are out of luck for now, though Fitbit says this will eventually be available on the platform.

  • If you don't have an iPhone, you can use the Fitbit Zip's wireless USB dongle to upload your data to the Web interface.

  • The Fitbit app can be downloaded on the App Store for iOS.

  • Here's the Fitbit app in use on the iPhone 5. (As you can see it hasn't been updated to take advantage of the iPhone 5's larger screen yet). It's easy to connect the Zip to sync with your phone.

  • Here's the main screen of the Fitbit app for iOS. As you can see it shows your how many steps you've taken and how many calories you've burned. You can set a daily goal for each, and you can also tweet your progress throughout the day if you wish.

  • You can set the Zip to sync to your iPhone even when the app is closed.

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