In Pictures: Apple's overlooked iTunes and iPod announcements

Apple made a number of music-related announcements that are worth touching on.

  • While the iPhone 5 is deservedly getting most of the attention on Wednesday, Apple made a number of music-related announcements that are worth touching on. From a completely revamped iTunes to a new iPod lineup and even newly designed earbuds, Apple's special event was filled with a number of noteworthy music-related announcements.

  • iTunes on mobile Apple showed off a new version of iTunes on Wednesday with a number of new layout options that promise to make navigating through one's music library much easier. The new iTunes has built-in support for iCloud and even lets artists share photos directly to fans' libraries. Here it's displayed on Apple's mobile devices.

  • iTunes on desktop Overall, the new iTunes seems a lot more intuitive when it comes to exploring music, creating playlists and the like. Rewritten from the ground up, we can only hope that the new iTunes will run a lot smoother than previous iterations. Here's a shot of the desktop-version sorting.

  • Updated iTunes Mini Player The iTunes Mini Player, previously accessed by clicking the green button in the upper left corner of the iTunes window, will now pop up when the user scrolls over the player icon. The Mini Player has also been updated with integrated search.

  • New iPod Nano Apple's new iPod Nano looks like a tiny iPhone with a 2.5-inch multitouch display. It's just 5.4 mm thick -- 38% thinner than the previous model. The new Nano features an FM tuner with live pause capabilities, widescreen video playback, Bluetooth, and built-in fitness and pedometer features. The new Nano comes in seven vibrant colors.

  • New iPod Touch The most popular music player in Apple's MP3 player lineup received some great upgrades. Its 4-inch screen makes it just like the iPhone 5, only exceptionally thin at just 6.1mm. For the first time it's built with Apple's A5 processor. Also of note is better battery life, a 5-megapixel camera, Siri and AirPlay mirroring.

  • EarPods Apple's white earbuds have never been widely liked. The design was always off and they were prone to hurting and falling out of one's ears. But on Wednesday the company unveiled its new EarPods, which the company has been developing for three years. The new design which is said to fit better into the average ear.

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