In pictures: Holden's first electric car, the Holden Volt

The Holden Volt is a long range electric vehicle that can be recharged from a regular household power outlet

  • Holden demonstrated its first electric vehicle, the Holden Volt, at a technology workshop in Sydney today. Here's all the details!

  • Set to go on sale in Australia in November starting at a cool $59,990, the Holden Volt is a long range electric vehicle that can be recharged from a regular household power outlet. It's the first car of its kind to go on sale in Australia.

  • Mike Devereux, Holden's chairman and managing director, discussing the Volt today in Sydney.

  • The wheels of the Holden Volt are powered purely by an electric battery. The Lithium-ion battery provides traction while a petrol-based generator maintains power in that electric battery when it runs out of charge.

  • Holden says the Volt should cost around $2.50 to fully charge, though the ultimate cost will depend on electricity rates.

  • The Volt can be charged using a standard 10 amp Australian powerpoint and the supplied charger. It should take less than six hours to charge.

  • The Holden Volt has a heavy focus around infotainment and active safety inclusions. It comes standard with a Bose entertainment system with voice recognition, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, full GPS satellite navigation, DVD, MP3, USB and iPhone/iPod connectivity, a 7in colour touch screen interface and a 30GB hard drive.

  • The Volt uses a second 7in touchscreen that replaces the traditional driver instrument panel.

  • The infotainment system uses capacitive, touch sensitive buttons in addition to the centre-mounted touchscreen.

  • The driver instrument panel can display details like battery state of charge and electric range, the speedometer, fuel level and extended-mode range, driving efficiency, trip information, tyre pressure information, oil life and a real time energy flow.

  • A lane departure warning system in the Volt notifies the driver when they are moving outside a lane without indicating. A forward collision alert uses a windscreen mounted camera to warn at three preset distance settings.

  • The Holden Volt is manufactured in the US.

  • The 300 litre boot of the Holden Volt. On the left is the included charger, which plugs into a standard Australian wall outlet. It has a 6 metre cord.

  • The power outlet on the left side of the Volt is where the charging outlet is located.

  • Under the hood of the Holden Volt.

  • Keyless entry and push start capability are standard features.

  • The Holden Volt has three drive modes: normal mode, sport mode and hold mode. The latter allows drivers to choose when the Volt uses the petrol generator.

  • The Holden Volt's T-shaped Lithium-ion battery is located in the middle of the car.

  • A reverse camera with marked guidance is a standard feature on the Volt.

  • The Holden Volt seats four adults, with two bucket seats in the back.

  • The Holden Volt will be available in Australia from 1 November and will retail for $59,990 plus on-road costs.

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