In Pictures: Olympic gold - 15 free iOS and Android apps

Watch live, keep up with the athletes, test your knowledge of the games and more

  • Let the games begin Are you ready for the Olympics? There are a variety of apps that can help you along the way. From apps for streaming video, to scoreboards that will track the medal count, to games that let you race just like Usain Bolt, there are a variety of apps out there to serve anyone's interest. Here are 15 of the best free ones on both the Android and iOS systems.

  • NBC Olympics and NBC Live Extra NBC has the broadcast rights to air this year's games on its family of channels, but will also be broadcasting a record amount of action live online; in fact, the entire games. NBC has two apps: the NBC Olympics app and Live Extra app. The Olympics app allows you to review schedules, results and medal counts, as well as to set push notifications and share information on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The Live Extra app will stream the games live and have full replays available. During the primetime broadcasts, alternate camera angles are available as well on the Live Extra app. HD video will be available on iPads with the latest Retina display. Available on: iOS, Android

  • London 2102 Official Join In App If you're one of the lucky ones to actually have a ticket, you may want the London 2012 Join In app, which is the official guide for Olympic attendees. Get directions to venues, schedules, video tours and even take a fly-over through Olympic Park. And be prepared for crowds, traffic and fog. Available on: iOS, Android and BlackBerry

  • London 2012 – Official Mobile Game Looking to try your hand at some Olympic events? The official mobile app game of the Olympics features nine sports, with the ability to customize your athlete with more than 200 items that can be purchased. Available on: iOS, Android

  • BBC Olympics This year's Olympics will be right in the backyard of the British Broadcasting Company and the BBC has put a good amount of work into its app. BBC promises video streaming of events, medal counts and pages for each sport and country participating. Available: iOS, Android and BlackBerry

  • Results tracking If you're looking to get results directly from the horse's mouth, the London 2012 Official Results app is your bet. It will provide live tracking of events, athlete profiles and medal counts. Available on: iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows 7 Download here

  • London 2012 To track the Olympics on an app made specifically for Android devices, London 2012 by CodeGorilla is a good one. It's similar to other apps that provide schedules, news and customizable reminders of the various events but optimized for the Android operating system. Available on: Android

  • Summer Games 3D Lite A competitor to the official 2012 Summer Olympics mobile game is the Summer Games 3D Lite, which has 20 events you can compete in using your iPhone and iPod Touch, including running, biking, rowing, cycling and swimming. It even features split screen mode so you can compete against your fellow virtual Olympian on a single device. Available on: iOS

  • Finger Olympics Do you have thumbs of steel? If so, perhaps you could be an Olympian in the Finger Olympics. Control your athletes, who are made out of fingers, by tapping your thumbs as fast as you can to compete in various track and field events. Don't forget to stretch. Available on: iOS

  • Samsung Take Part 2012 Made specifically for Samsung phones, the games on the Take Part 2012 App from Google Play are some of the best out there for games, news, information, and even 360 degree views of the venues. Available on: Samsung Android phones

  • Spartan Athletics Do you long for the good old days of the Olympics, say in Spartan times? If so, the Spartan Athletics apps lets you test your skills in the 10 events of the Olympic Decathlon: 100m run, high jump, javelin, long jump, discuss, 400m, shot put, pole vault, 1500, and 110m hurdles, all set in the Spartan era. Available on: iOS

  • Zappas London 2012 Quiz Pop quiz: What does the Olympic symbol represent? If you're interested in a more intellectual challenge, there are a variety of games of that nature as well. The Olympics 2012 Quiz app features both historical and contemporary trivia and fun facts, meaning you can be the know-it-all whiz kid at your Olympics watching party, or stump your friends with some trivia. And by the way, the Olympic rings symbol represents the five continents competing in the games: Africa, the Americas (North and South America are combined), Asia, Europe and Oceania. Available on: Android

  • Podium Master An iOS version of the sports trivia app is Podium Master, a question-and-answer game testing your knowledge of athletic events in modern times. Win trivia medals to show off your sports smartness on leaderboards. Available on: iOS

  • 2012 USA Basketball Team How will Kobe, Lebron and Carmello do at this year's games? If you want to track all the action, check out the 2012 USA Basketball team app, which includes the latest news and videos. Available on: Android

  • Olympic Tennis 2012 If tennis is more of your sport, the Olympic Tennis 2012 app will keep you fully informed of all the tennis news from this year's games. Sponsored by the International Tennis Federation, the apps provides live scores, schedules and results with in-depth coverage focusing on tennis. Available on: iOS, Android

  • Olympic beats Coca-Cola has the My Beat Maker, an Olympic-themed app that lets users makes music beats by shaking your phone. The app comes with musical sounds inspired by various Olympic events. The sound of a basketball bounding or an archer's arrow being shot, for example. Combine the sounds together to make a song. Available on: iOS, Android

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