In Pictures: First look, Firefox 14

We check out some of the Mozilla Firefox 14 browser's new features

  • Straight from the Firefox's mouth The latest automatic update for Mozilla's Firefox browser was released this week, bringing with it several user interface and security tweaks.

  • Secure Google searches Probably the most-publicized new feature introduced in Firefox 14 is the use of HTTPS to encrypt Google searches performed directly through the browser. According to Mozilla, this gives users an additional degree of control over who and what can read their search data.

  • Full-screen support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Mac users can now expand Firefox to fill the entire screen, although there are apparently still some kinks to work out.

  • Opt-in setting for website content Java and Flash plug-ins are now blocked until they're approved by the user, in a "click-to-play" arrangement. However, this must be enabled via a change to the "about:config" page.

  • Awesome Bar now auto-completes URLs We're pretty sure this is playing catch-up, but Firefox 14 does, indeed, auto-complete URLs for you now.

  • Plenty of security fixes Mozilla also corrected a host of potential vulnerabilities – ranging from minor to very serious – in Firefox 14.

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