In Pictures: Cool gadget guide

Here are some suggestions for some great gadgets for work, travel, outdoors and exercise that add to your more enjoyment when you can get into the great outdoors.

  • COMPUTERS: HP Folio 13: The latest lightweight, full performance notebook, the HP Folio 13 boasts nine hours of battery life, a 0.70-inch profile and 3.3-pound weight with a 13.3-inch high-definition display. $999.

  • OUTDOOR GEAR: Eton Rukus Solar speakers: For listening to tunes while outside camping, at the beach or just in your backyard, this portable Bluetooth speaker system includes a solar panel for powering the system. $140

  • NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth Speaker: Custom clips can attach this speaker to the handlebars of a bike or stroller, or used outdoors (water-repellant housing) to provide wireless sound from an iPod, iPhone, tablet or other Bluetooth device. Includes five hours of battery life and a built-in microphone for phone conversations. $149.95.

  • Magellan eXplorist 110 GPS receiver: For hiking, fishing, geocaching, camping or other areas where you might get lost without being near a road, this receiver includes a transflective color screen (no glare), and also features water features, urban and rural land use, city centers as well as a complete road map of the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, and Australia. Accurate within 10 to 15 feet, the device is powered by two AA batteries for up to 18 hours of usage. $129.99.

  • TabletTail by Octa: This tablet holder lets you hold your tablet or e-reader at any angle, while giving you the convenience of carrying it easily. A vacuum dock piece suctions itself to the device for a secure fit, and the second piece, the “whale tail” lets you flex it to provide portrait or landscape orientations. The “fins” of the tail provide a secure stand for placing on any surface, including rocks and sand. $49.95.

  • iHome M13 portable water-resistant stereo speakers: Aimed at kids (or adult Kermit the Frog fans), this speaker system connects to any MP3 player, securely holding it within a lightweight zippered case. Very handy for the beach, picnics or parties. $39.99.

  • Grace Digital Audio Eco Terra: The “world’s first 100% waterproof boombox”, this system provides rugged protection for your mobile device, as well as keys and other personal items. The design is water and dirt-resistant, while letting you control iPhone/iPod functions while inside the case. The unit is fully submersible, and floats as well. $149.99.

  • Therapik bug bite relief: This handheld device can deliver bug bite relief and treatment for stings and bites from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets, black flies, ants, fleas, ticks, chiggers and even jellyfish and stinging nettle. FDA approved, the unit delivers heat to deactivate the venom from the insects or sea creatures, increasing blood flow to the affected area and reducing swelling, redness, itching and pain. $12.95.

  • FITNESS: Cool Point: A thin, lightweight cooling gel-pack that fits in the palm of your hand, letting you get a longer workout, tolerance for a heavier workload, shorter recovery time and overall better exercise experience. $19.99

  • AfterShokz Mobile earbuds: Run, bike or work outside without blocking out noises such as oncoming traffic, car horns, ambulances or other warning noises. AfterShokz headphones rest outside the ear, allowing for the ambient noises to be heard, but still lets users hear their music. $69.95.

  • Magellan Switch Series GPS Watches: The Switch and Switch Up GPS watches are geared towards runners, cyclists and other athletes. Through a Magellan website, users can analyze and share their activities. Watch includes 8 hours of battery life, water resistance (up to 50 meters), compatibility with ANT+ sensors, thermometer, vibration alerts, and barometric altimeter for specific elevation data. Switch: $249.99 ($299.99 with heart rate monitor); Switch Up (includes multisport mount): $299.99 ($349.99 with heart rate monitor).

  • Jaybird Sportsband Headphones: With no wires, these Bluetooth headphones let you listen to music while working out without worrying about getting your wires tangled. Includes different colors like Toffee Apple Red, Runners Red or black, and you can control music and phone calls with a concealed microphone. Has a lifetime warranty against sweat damaging the unit. $99.

  • Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock: I can’t tell if this is awesome or sadistic. This alarm can only be shut off once you have done 30 bicep reps, and motion sensors inside the unit can tell how many reps you’ve done, and if you’ve done them correctly. $29.95.

  • TRAVEL / CAR GEAR: PowerStation Traveller: Charge up to three portable small electronic devices at the same time while at home or on the road through your car charger. Includes a carrying case and adjustable sliders to keep your devices in place during a recharge. $32.99.

  • Griffin SmartTalk Solar: This hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone lets you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while talking on your cell phone. Mounts to the sun visor with the solar panel facing the glass, letting the Sun power up the unit’s internal battery. Motion sensors automatically connect to a paired phone as soon as you enter the vehicle, and you can connect two different phones simultaneously. $69.99.

  • GOLFING: GolfLogix app: Free app features maps of more than 30,000 golf courses, provides accurate distances to numerous points throughout the hole. For a minimal fee, can also track every shot to learn club distances and shot trends. free app.

  • OptiShot Infrared Golf Simulator: System connects with Windows PCs via plug-and-play interface, lets you use your own clubs and up to four players to compete by hitting real balls, foam balls or no ball at all. Infrared sensors on a swing pad record the club-head speed, face angle, swing path, distance and ball flight. Includes 1 preloaded courses. $399.95 (standard unit); $899.95 (silver package).

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