In Pictures: Alan Turing in the media

A look at the Father of Computer Science's media portrayals upon the celebration of his birth 100 years ago

  • Legend and reality Given Alan Turing's enormous historical impact on computer science, math and cryptology, and his broad influence on the very fabric of modern life, it is somewhat surprising that he has not been more widely portrayed on film. However, there have been some attempts to bring him to both the large and small screens, along with other types of artwork. We take a look at Turing's portrayal in the media.

  • "Breaking the Code" (1996) Turing was played by celebrated English actor Derek Jacobi in the "Masterpiece Theater" production, which is likely the most prominent fictionalization of his life and work.

  • "The Imitation Game" (unreleased) While the project is still under development, this biopic of Turing is rumored to have Leonardo DiCaprio interested in portraying the legendary computer scientist.

  • "Codebreaker" (2011) Ed Stoppard played Turing in dramatized scenes from this combination documentary/drama project from the BBC.

  • "Decoding Nazi Secrets" (1999) A PBS documentary explored the basic principles behind the Enigma and the way Turing and Bletchley Park comrades broke its code.

  • "The Strange Life and Death of Dr. Turing" (1992) This biographical account of Turing aired as part of the BBC's "Horizon" series of programs.

  • "Decode/Recode" (Live event, March 2012) The University of Salford's interactive media exhibit celebrated Turing's life in a number of creative ways.

  • First-class stamp (2012) Turing was honored by the U.K.'s Royal Mail in February with his own stamp, as part of the "Britons of Distinction" series.

  • Alan Turing Memorial, Manchester (2001) A statue of Turing sits on a bench in Sackville Park, Manchester, England.

  • Statue, Bletchley Park (2007) The site of Turing's well-known work in breaking the Enigma code is also the site of a life-size statue of him tinkering with the machine.

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