In Pictures: E3 2012 -The sights, the sounds, the games gear brought to life

Master Chief in the restroom, Aliens on the floor, and dancing zombies are just some of the sights we saw at the E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles. Take a look.

  • Nintendo Event: Not Front Row E3 isn't open to the gaming faithful but it still attracts a large trade crowd and the game makers turn on the charm to woo them. One example: The big splash made Tuesday at the Nintendo press event where a large number of games were announced. This is the view from the nosebleed seats at the event.

  • Yes Sir! If the Master Chief wants me to wash my hands, I’ll wash my hands.

  • World of Warplanes Launch Scaled down replica of a North American Aviation P-51 Mustang outside the hall. It was there for the World of Warplanes launch.

  • E3 West Hall The view E3 participants get as they enter the West Hall.

  • PCWorld Editor at Work PCWorld’s own Alex Wawro playing a sort of tag game using PS3 move controllers… but the game runs on a Mac.

  • To the Man Cave! Even gamers need ergonomic seating.

  • Here We Go! The crowd lines up to enter E3 just before the doors open.

  • Shall We Dance? Dancing Zombies from Popcap. They don’t seem threatening…

  • Drive, She Said A large mecha replica cockpit at the End of Nations booth. Alas, it’s nonfunctional.

  • Not Just for TV Anymore The Cartoon Network's Adventure Time becomes a game…

  • Portable Game Console Case PCWorld's Alex shows off a portable case for game consoles made by GAEMS. But it’s not just a tote bag…

  • The GAEMS Case Has Got Game The GAEMS case has a built in 720P LCD with HDMI input. It does require wall power.

  • Make It So #1 Star Trek on the floor. This is from the new game, based on the J.J. Abrams movie.

  • Aliens Invasion Aliens: Colonial Marines. I think I’ve been waiting for this game for roughly forever.

  • Be the Alien The classic scene from Aliens. I think I don’t want to be in the exoskeleton. I’d probably have bad dreams.

  • Couture From Elder Scrolls One of the costumes shown off at the Elder Scrolls Online demo waiting area.

  • Yet More Elder Scrolls High Fashion Another costume from the Elder Scrolls games. We dig the helmet.

  • The Future Past Gearbox sponsored a cool booth for the Videogame History Museum. This is a Coleco Vision.

  • Back to the 1980s I’d never heard of the GCE Vectrex, but then, I wasn’t playing many electronic games in 1982.

  • A Virtual Monaco Grand Prix What better way to relax after a hard day's work than driving a Formula 1 car at 220 MPH?

  • Snake Doesn't Blend in Very Well at E3 You can… smash this. Okay, not this one, the crate in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  • I'd Rather Have the Green One Okay, so you can buy your kids inflatable driving simulator chairs…

  • Back Off! I’ll stay out of the dungeon. Honest.

  • Dance Dance and Dance Again There are more dancing games at E3 than I can count, and they’re more popular than Modern Warfare.

  • Probably Drives as Well as It Does in Halo Put this warthog in my driveway, STAT.

  • Part of a Custom Controller for Mechwarrior Online Razer announced the Artemis, a prototype concept controller for Mechwarrior Online. And yes, the miniature LCD display is part of it.

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